I kinesiske fengsler dør du av dopapir

Mange usannsynlige dødsårsaker i kinesiske fengsler: One advocacy organization, the Chinese Urgent Action Working Group, recently published a list of credulity-defying explanations by officials including death by “being handed toilet paper,” by “playing hide and seek,” and by “face-washing.” The autopsy of one inmate, who reportedly died after “squeezing pimples” on his chest, revealed that… Les mer I kinesiske fengsler dør du av dopapir

Flyktninger i Irak – invasjonens mest fortvilte ettermæle

Norge kritiseres av FN for tilbakesendelse av Irakske flyktninger. Foreign Policy rapporterer fra hverdagen til de mer enn to millioner flyktningene som lever langs Iraks grenser, og som ikke har noe sted å dra: Still, if it takes more than mayhem to create a refugee crisis, it takes more than a blizzard of death threats,… Les mer Flyktninger i Irak – invasjonens mest fortvilte ettermæle

Brev til Bush

Andrew Sullivan har skrevet et åpent brev til president George W. Bush: Americans want, and need, to move on from the debate over torture in Iraq and Afghanistan and close this tragic chapter in our nation’s history. Prosecuting those responsible could tear apart a country at war. Instead, the best way to confront the crimes… Les mer Brev til Bush

Neda vs CIA

Glenn Greenwald, amerikansk advokat og kommentator om Neda-effekten vs CIA-bildene av «enhanced interrogation»: [H]ow is it possible for Obama to pay dramatic tribute to the «heartbreaking» impact of that Neda video in bringing to light the injustices of the Iranian Government’s conduct while simultaneously suppressing images that do the same with regard to our own… Les mer Neda vs CIA