Kineserne har somlet

Amerikanerne trør varsomt med en kinesisk president på besøk. Kineserne er rike og har lånt amerikanerne ufattelig mye penger. Har kineserne funnet ern formel som kommer til å gjøre dem mer velstående enn oss?

Matt Yglesias ser et perspektiv:

Rapid Chinese progress does in part reflects the skill and wisdom of Chinese policymakers. But in large part it merely reflects the madness of a previous generation of Chinese policymakers—the people who left the country at such a low level in 1980 from which it’s so rapidly been growing. If you look at the economic success of Chinese people in Taiwan or Hong Kong or Singapore or diaspora communities around the world, the striking thing about the PRC is how poor it still is.

Han får med seg Norge, at

 a small country like Norway can get rich by managing natural resources well.

Men er klar på at USA kan ha sovnet:

But a large rich country like the United States actually needs to push the frontiers of the possible forward. Google and iPads aside, we haven’t really done that over the past 10 years on the scale necessary to raise American living standards at a reasonable pace. That’s a big problem, but there’s not really any reason to think the Chinese have figured it out.

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