Twitter fra protestene i Iran – en smakebit

Uansett hvor hardt regimet i Teheran slår ned på valgprotestene, er vi midt oppe i en medierevolusjon. Her er noen smakebiter av twitter-meldingene fra Iran (formildet via Sullivan). Det er til tider sterk lesning.

Today’s Tehran protest will be silent/vigil style, protestors wearing black

It is now after 10 AM in Iran. Fewer people going to work today than the past few days.

At least 15 deaths confirmed by state television. Tensions running high. Fear tactics used widely across Tehran and Iran.

Reliable Source: Families of those murdered by Basij militia are under pressure and being prevented from contacting media

according to hospital doctors in Iran the attacks on civilians are from the chest up. they are taking and burrying the bodies b4 family sees

female med student says that they would not let the injured tell the docs their name. she had 13 yr old boy die and disappear unknown name

I want more than just a new president, I want an end to this brutal regime.

Remember that Mousavi/Karroubi is not our Ideals, we just voted for Change.

The police are still scanning for satellites. They just drove by.

My internet is back… with 10s of 1000s of blocked sites… but the packets can leave and reach our machine, which is enough.

Due to Military neutrality, and State Police cooperation with people, everything will be transferred to the Rev. Guards tmr.

big ques is what the paramilitary volunteer ‘basij’ do. theyre in effect outside the law givng govt plausible deniability

eyewitness:in the past rally, a friend was beaten up by the force group and was left with a broken head and injured eyes

I hope Reza is OK where ever he is. nobody knows where Intel took him to. they should already called his familiy.

Yes, and Doctors in some hospitals are standing in front doors preventing basij from interring

the rumor about Hezbolah & Hamas helping Basij, until today I never believed it but I saw them today with my own eyes

they wear black riot police outfit, brown skin and shouting to people in Arabic & hit everybody they see

State Police Force comfirms the plain-clothes and black-masked militia are from Palestine and Lebanon, and have diff. orders.

Hamed from Tabriz confirmed 2 killed in Tabriz’s engineering university. thing really getting awful for all students around the country

RT:some of the students arrested have not been released yet after 3 day, no word from them :((

Mousavi’s wife Zahra Rahnavard today joined injured students at Tehran University

Please Vote for google to change its logo for one day

BBC is the crappiest network I’ve ever seen … they just revealed every trick the nation can use for communication in such tough times!!

I have a bad feeling in my gut that the protests are weakening, and the gov is going to win this. Please don’t let it happen.

tired, worried. what will happen? will all this sacrifice change anything?

have to go my dear…the shouts are getting louder and louder. [end quote]

I had so many long days without sleep, I did not find time to do more. …oh gun shots!!! I hope it is in the air only…

I’m receiving some sad news about people (mostly students) who get killed in multiply cities by basij&ansar

my leg is good & not bleeding anymore & I’m safe but I have to leave here & found somewhere else for the night

Will this be the Berlin Wall coming down or just another Tianenmen Sq.? I wonder to myself

Unconfirmed: Several Military Generals have been detained or arrested. They rejected the call to help the govn’t fight people.

URGENT RT From Iran: CONFIRMED! Army moving into Tehran against protesters! PLEASE RT URGENT

Esfehan university student in VOA: militia used a special bullet that burns skin

protesters have No comunication device they walk at the streets and orally inform passerbis about gathering times

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