Vitnemål fra de Guantanamo-ansatte

Opprydningen etter Bush-administrasjonens store og små feiltrinn er så vidt i gang. Center for the Study of Human Rights in the Americas har gjennomført en rekke intervjuer med innsatte, ansatte og adminstratorer ved Guantanamo Bay. Her er et utdrag fra Spc. Brandon Neelys vitnemål vedrørende (mangelen på) behandling av fanger med åpenbare psykiske lidelser:

There is one other thing I would like to mention. There was a mentally ill detainee who arrived to Guantanamo somewhat earlier on in the process. I did not recall his name or detainee number. He arrived during the day, and during this period I had been assigned to nights for a week or so. I was working Charlie Block; just walking around, talking to the other guard on the block. Most of the detainees were laying down or reading their Koran. As we were walking around we noticed this one detainee who was squatted down talking to his self. We walked around and came back again and noticed he was drinking his shampoo out of the bottle. We tried to talk to him, but all he did was jibber-jabber. We notified the block NCOIC and he notified medical, which said it was «just shampoo», and that «it’s nothing to worry about.» He stayed up all night just walking around talking to himself.

Over time this detainee was to be nicknamed «Number 1,» because he used to always scream «I am Number 1!» He never slept but maybe an hour or two a day. It seemed he was loud, always talking to himself. No one understood him–including the detainees. On many occasions we would ask other detainees «What’s he saying?» and they would say «I have no clue; something’s wrong with him». It was very obvious this man was mentally ill. Other times guards would find him drinking is own urine.

Later on, on Charlie Block, this detainee stripped down naked (which he did on many occasions). When we went to try and tell him to get his clothes on we noticed he had tied a string around his penis very tight; to the point where his penis was turning colors. We tried to tell him to take it off, but he just laughed yelling «Number 1!» Finally, about 20 to 30 minutes later, he took it off, got dressed, and went to sleep. Eventually he would have to be placed in a cage with no one on any sides of him due to the fact he would just stand up and urinate on the person next to him. And it seemed like he didn’t even realize he was doing this. When he was taken to showers, he was like a little kid. The water would turn on and he would jump into the middle of the water and start yelling «I am number 1!» It really seemed like he had the mind of a child. It seemed like he was always on an emotional roller-coaster, one minute he’s laughing, next he’s asleep, 5 minutes later he would be awake, curled up in a ball, in the corner of his cage, crying like a little child.

During the time I spent there, many of the other detainees tried to help him out by telling him when it was time to pray and reading the Koran to him.

Many guards questioned why he was there if he was so mentally ill that it was obvious. We were just told that he was putting on an act, that he wasn’t really mentally ill. If he was acting, he sure did fool me and a lot of other people. Including most of the detainees.

Her finner du The Guantánamo Testimonial Project.

(Tips: Sullivan)

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