Hun trodde Afrika er et land

Ideologisk kynisme på sitt beste. De valgte Sarah Palin på impuls, visste at hun ikke var kvalifisert, sendte henne opp på talerstoler der det sto Country First og visste at hun kunne komme til å havne i presidentembedet. Og de forsvarte henne – mot bedre vitende. Her kommer innrømmelsene på den konservative tv-kanalen FOX. Som varsler at det vil dukke opp flere fete Palin-historier etterhvert. Og denne gjengen tapte med noen få prosentpoeng!

Newsweek har mer. VG og Dagbladet har også saken. Den konservative Daniel Larison er bekymret for at republikanerne ikke bryr seg:

The claim that she didn’t know Africa was a continent is the sort of thing that almost sounds as if it belongs to a caricature of a person who knows nothing, but it seems remotely possible that it is true.  Americans’ knowledge of world geography is notoriously poor, which does not excuse it in this case if true, but neither is it all that far-fetched.  The troubling thing is that I get the sinking feeling that a lot of people who want her to become the future of the party couldn’t care less about this.

Michael Ledeen gir et godt eksempel og viser hvilke kamper republikanerne skal føre i tiden som kommer:

The continued trashing of Sarah Palin — the most qualified and by far the most exciting candidate of the four — is very disappointing, and the rash of unseemly whining from the McCain camp just shows once again why so many of us were depressed when he won the nomination. The stuff from the left is understandable; they fear her, and they want to drive a stake through her heart. But the trash from the McCainiacs is beneath contempt. So much for «elegance in defeat.»

The worst of it is that very little attention is devoted to the actual VP-elect, Joe Biden of Delaware, a man with no executive experience, who invents ‘facts’ many times a day, who is the walking definition of narcissist, and who will, for the next four years, be a heartbeat away from the presidency.

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